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I'm pretty much lined up with the weight. No matter the labels on all this synthetic stuff, if it's heavy without even being sweat in, it'll be leaden when sweat hits it, and will stink, too. (PataGucci's "capaline" comes to mind.) I'm a big fan of anything made of CoolMax, but if it's from GoLite, whatever they call their stuff is pretty sweet, too. No stink, lightweight, holds up -- sheesh -- it *works*.

FWIW, I'm only in undies when I'm in tights or silkies -- read "winter". Otherwise, I'm commando in shorts, half of which have a mesh "liner"....

"Soldier! Why aren't you wearin' skivies!?!?"

"I like the freedom, Sir."

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Once again, I turn to at-l for advice.  Only this time--it's personal.  If you were buying your male long-distance backpacking sweetie (or friend, if you prefer) wicking briefs, what would you buy?  Found a good deal at Sierrra Trading Post ($9.95/pair), but some of the product reviews aren't very good.  Other prices range from $13.50 to $14.40.  Pirce isn't that much of an issue (within reason), but performance and durability are.  Before you suggest going commando, he's got some new hiking shorts and he wants briefs for them.


Do you have some favorite wicking briefs and why do you like them?




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