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The ABC brewery has several interesting labels. The brewery (in Harrisburg) has a brewpub and t shirts for sale (I have the Trail Blaze one). There is also a brewpub in Gettysburg but it was not open when I tried to go there.
If you are going to the Gathering in 2011 or the AT Museum opening this June, it is a worthwile side trip and not too hard to get to. There is also a beer store in Gettysburg which sells ABC by the case (I got two cases last October-sadly all gone now).
The thing is, it is REALLY good beer.
"I never met a beer I didn't like, but some I like more than others"

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Fellow club member sent this out on our listserv......thought if of sufficient interest to those whose hiking thoughts turn to the next town and the next brew.....
If anyone is bored sitting around inside, I thought you might be interested in this. I was picking up some necessary supplies (i.e. beer) at Wells on York Rd. before Big Storm I and they had this on sale for $5.99. I'd heard of this beer but hadn't been to their location in Gettysburg since it came out and had never seen it in bottles. The label has a tree with a diamond sign atttached similar to the old AT markers. Anyone familiar with the north end of our section of trail in PA will recognize the Clarks Ferry Bridge which is part of the Appalachian Brewing Co. logo.

http://www.abcbrew. com/harrisburg/ brewery_flagship .htm
The pictures on the Trail Blaze label are of interest.....
Here's mud in your eye......

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