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Thu Feb 18 14:45:47 CST 2010

I don't know what our total for the season so far is, here in the western Maryland panhandle, but we've got a good 4 feet on the ground which has been there for over two weeks and I'm thoroughly sick of it.

MacGyver, cranky from seeing nothing but white

From: Weathercarrot weathercarrot at hotmail.com

Through today's date, for the season so far, the NC mountains have had record snow.  We'll have to see if this year exceeds the legendary winter of 1959-60.  Mount Mitchell officially has 55 inches on the ground (400 vertical feet below the summit - so likely deeper up top) with more to come.  The snow stake on Mount Mansfield (VT) is at 61 inches, so Mitchell may soon surpass it, which would be extremely rare for this time of year......

Beech Mtn, NC will top 100 inches of snowfall (not depth) for the season tonight, and Snowshoe, WV will probably reach 200 inches for the season this week. Interestingly, the seasonal average for Snowshoe is almost exactly twice the seasonal Beech Mtn average....   Dulles airport is at 73.2 inches - an all-time seasonal record......


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