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Laurie just sent this note to ALDHA. I recall seeing Harry at at least one
Gathering, but if I ever did meet him I must have been just a face in the
crowd. I do recall hearing with awe just how much time he had spent on the


 Dear ALDHA,

We received some sad news today--see the message notice below. Harry Thomas
was better known as “Harry the Indian”  and was indeed “a legend” on the
Trail. Harry was featured in a 4-page profile in Larry’s book, *Walking the
Appalachian Trail*. The profile can be found on-line

The last correspondence I have from Harry and his wife is a letter Harry’s
wife Jeanne wrote me and Dick in 2004, when Harry was developing some
serious problems related to his diabetes. She also wrote, “once in a while,
we give a talk about the A.T. and encourage others to have that
life-changing experience.”

I know Harry and Jeanne attended at least one Gathering (in Pipestem), in
the late ‘80s I believe. Dick and I and Dick’s son “The Vagrant” hung out
with them for a while; somewhere I have a photograph of us together that
I’ll try to dig up.



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