[at-l] Camping before the PA Ruck

nightwalker.at at gmail.com nightwalker.at at gmail.com
Tue Jan 5 05:51:15 CST 2010

From: Marsha Lee <atrailhiker at hotmail.com>

It sure would be nice to have you Frank, I understand about the driving. My 2nd Southern Ruck I drove down from Cleveland Ohio - holy cow! 
I've been packing all night to go on a hike. Looking back, mi speeler semes to have brokun.

My feet still hurt. I'm going to do something weird on this hike. Maximum miles per day = 8. That seems way slow, but I remember when that was the max I could do. And it doesn't seem that long ago. :-)

Frank, going to bed.
(Perchance to sleep. And definitely some weird dreams. But no Proust.)

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