[at-l] more soruck 2010 pix

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Tue Jan 19 10:40:35 CST 2010

From: Tenacious Tanasi <tenacious_tanasi at yahoo.com>

My pictures are an attempt to capture everyone there.  At times I sacrifice a better shot simply to be able to get any shot of someone I know that I do not have a pic of yet.  lol
You have a talent for taking pictures of me looking worse than life. I was told that T. Clide used a lot of those in the 2005 Soruck retrospective for the 2006 Soruck. I would have loved to have seen it, but the mean old man never sent me a copy!

And another thing. How come HotFoot looks so young and spirited at the same age that T. Clide looks, uh, sage? :-)

These and many more questions will be answered on the next episode of "Just Hike, Dammit!"

P.S. Clyde, I know that working in the son ages your skin. But you haven't been getting messed with much lately, and November is a long way away. :-)

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