[at-l] But!....Women of Power and backpackers...."aFelix-y time"

Felix J AThiker at smithville.net
Fri Jan 22 19:05:41 CST 2010

Leslie Booher wrote:
> I wondered when you'd wake up here.  <G>  I'm with you on the 
> chocolate.  a Felix moment is sort of a surreal moment when you don't 
> quite know what to answer.  You're the master of asking the non 
> sequitur question.  You do it all the time, more so on Facebook 
> nowadays, and we all scramble to find a follow-up response.  <G>  I'd 
> love to be able to think like that.  It's a gift.  a'bear

Yes, but do you think  Vibram should make stiletto-heeled soles?
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