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Sat Jan 23 18:50:58 CST 2010

Rockdancer wrote:


>I'm taking ideas, though, if anyone wants to be creative & clever about what to do with the ring.

If you don't come up with a better idea, how about selling it and donating the proceeds to a 

charity for Haiti relief.  I send money on a somewhat regular basis to this one: imfhaiti at aol.com 

They've been providing medical help to Haitians for about 30 years.  Two days after the quake 

the area had an influx of over 1000 refugees.  You can believe it's gotten worse and, like all of Haiti, 

they need help.  


Another one that I recently found and contribute to is http://blog.teamrubiconhaiti.org/   They're 

a ..... never mind, just take a look at the website.  They're doing good work, they need help and 

it's tax deductible.  


Of course, anyone who wants to contribute should do so to the Haiti related charity of their choice.  

Money won't "fix" the situation, but it won't hurt either.  


Disclaimer:  I have personal emotional (but not financial) ties to Haiti.  


Walk softly,




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