[at-l] What Kind of Stove to take on the AT

Victor Hoyt vnhoyt at gmail.com
Tue Jul 13 18:33:16 CDT 2010

So, in the end it seems there are only two fuels that come close to being available at ALL supply points, and everywhere on the trail. Gasoline, and twigs :-). I had (still have) an original MSR multi-fuel stove. I used it a few times, and hated it; the smell, over-the-top noise, awkward assembly, pumping, everything. I still love my old 123R, but only break that out when I get nostalgic. 

I've always been a gear geek, so I also had a Bluet back in the early seventies. I've been a lover of canisters ever since. I think they're the best of all worlds. Simple, fast, light, small. There's virtually no maintenance. You pop it out and light it. When you're done you put it away. For me, the fact that canisters are probably the least reliable choice in terms of availability, is out-weighed by all the advantages.

I have a soda can stove too, but I just can't get excited about alcohol (except Gin... and Scotch... and..., well anyway.)


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