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Robert Dudley greyowlvermont at live.com
Tue Jul 20 11:00:48 CDT 2010


Greetings From Vermont,

I realize that it has been a long time
since y'all have heard from me.  I am alive and well and happily
retired in Vermont.  I have always considered the list a hiking list
and I decided that after I move to Vermont that I would only post to
the list when I had a trip report.  No big trip report, but recently
I have been doing some hiking and I am debating whether to hike the
whole length of the long trail or all of the AT in Vermont.  I have
approximately a three month window and I am planning to finish of
Connecticut this year along with a small section in Pennsylvania.  I
have one small section left in New Jersey that I may sneak in when I
visit my daughter over thanksgiving.

My daughter's room mate, from college,
got married yesterday.  The wedding was at the Buck  Steep Manor in
Massachusetts, about two hours from my home in Vermont.  To my
surprise Washington Mountain Road crossed the AT (I almost ran off of
the road when I saw the white blaze).  This morning I took the
opportunity to hike approximately one mile in and one mile out.  Not
much of a trip report except I have now hiked the a part of the AT in every state
that it runs through.  Some of the sections I hiked in 40 years ago
so I do not have them on my official section thru hike of the trail.

In addition to hiking other trails in
Vermont, this year, I have hiked a section of the Ice Age Trail in
Wisconsin, The Paul Bunyan Trail in Minnesota and the Voyageur Trail
in Northern Ontario.  The latter is a butt kicker that goes around
the north shore of Lake Superior. I wish that I was younger, it is
a trail that I would really like to hike.  Despite the lousy weather
forecast for next week I am going to start a couple of warm up hikes
on the long trail.  Might drop you all a note to let you know how it
is going.



PS  I do not have internet access at
home, I go to the library once a week to access my e-mail.  Therefore
I am on digest mode.
The New Busy think 9 to 5 is a cute idea. Combine multiple calendars with Hotmail. 
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