[at-l] Sigh, co-list (cyclist)

Leslie Booher lbooher at charter.net
Fri Mar 5 15:32:29 CST 2010

I'm interested in seeing that statistic if you can put your finger on the website. 

Found it!  It's in the Monday edition of USA Today (March 1).  Page 3A.  

"How states compare: Pedestrian deaths and fatality rates per 100,000 population for 2008, the most recent year for which complete data are available."  It's put out by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.  The headline on the article includes cyclists.  FL is the worst @ 2.67 deaths per 100,000.  MA isn't bad, by comparison: 1.15 per 100,000.  Iowa looks to be best with 0.57.


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