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These darn things are the devil to get rid of.  Can't tell you how many $$$ worth of food I threw out last summer.  Apparently didnt' get everything because they were back in a couple of months.  They even got destroyed the four corn necklaces I bought ($4 each) out West.  

Go through your pantry right away and throw out the suspicious stuff because they will get into most everything--cornbread mix, cake mix, cookies, cornmeal, cereal, etc.  

Joan---formerly harboring Mothra

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Indianmeal Moth, HYG-2089-97
Besides infesting all cereal food products and whole grains, larvae also feed on a wide variety of foods and feeds such as dried fruits, powdered milk.
ohioline.osu.edu/hyg-fact/2000/2089.html - Cached - Similar

Indian Meal Moths: a Pantry Pest
Indian meal moths are the most common of these so-called "pantry pests."1 As adult moths they are harmless, other than to your sensibilities as a good ...
www.pesticide.org/pubs/alts/moths/indianmealmoths.html - Cached - Similar

You have Indian Meal Moths.
Yes, they are everywhere, even in pet food. The interesting thing is - why doesn't everything have it?

You can refrigerate grains when you get home. Hard to get ride of them. There are pheremone traps you can buy that are useful.

Above are two googled article.
Extra protein, Grasshoppa!

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So...can somebody tell me this?  How do those little moth-like things
get into the sealed packs of oatmeal? I opened a packet
the other day and it had the tell-tale cobwebs on the side of the packet
and a mealy look to it. so, how do those things get in
there? Are they in there to begin with?

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