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I recall a lot of hoopla in the wake of Earl Shaffer's 50th anniversary hike. There was even a claim that a Boy Scout troop did a thruhike before Earl. Well, I have read so many inaccurate statements in the press and seen and heard such on tv and radio that I hardly trust the media. It's not a conspiracy you understand, it's just that there is a lack of research on their parts. If they can't be sued or embarrassed, it isn't worth the effort to accurately report something. I think it's the money vs return thing. If the information was reported to the press as fact, then I guess they can print it that way. What do I know? Hopeful 

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This article says that this woman, Mildred Norman, trial name Peace Pilgrim, was the first woman to hike the AT alone in one season.  This isn't accurate, is it?  I'll have to do more research on this.  Hmmmm......... 


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