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Leslie Booher lbooher at charter.net
Thu Mar 18 22:27:41 CDT 2010

When Jan and I were hiking in Vermont I met a guy at the shelter they say don't stay at.  

My hiking partner and I were in MD, I think it was, and there was a shelter that the guides all said Don't Stay Here.  My hiking partner was totally determined, and I know enough just to go along when she's like that.  The guide books were serious on that one!  It was Way off the trail.  What's wrong with having the shelters along the trail, anyway?  The danged  shelter was literally collapsing.  And it was near a parking lot.  Some nice older men hikers appeared, people in our age group who had the same life experiences that we'd had, so we had a good time visiting.  When we went to bed, the real fun began.  The place was so askew that my sleeping stuff all kept sliding towards the middle of the space.  We had gotten there first and taken the spaces closest to the walls.  I kept waking up leaning on this strange man!  I would silently pull myself away and get everything back up to the wall, only to wake up an hour or so later right up against him again.  He seemed to sleep right on, but I was totally mortified!  When the guide book says, NO, take that as gospel, please.  a'bear

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