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Ken Bennett bennett.ken at gmail.com
Sun Mar 28 21:18:31 CDT 2010

Nice looking headlamp. Uses AAA batteries, which in my humble opinion is
better than little coin cells or camera batteries. The latest version of the
Zipka is similar, with a main white light and a smaller red light. I have
the previous two versions of the Zipka and like it.

It's easy to find a really bright headlamp, but some of those aren't very
useful when I try to read inside my tent at night. Too bright. Little lights
for reading are great, but then I have a hard time using them for hiking at
night. Having both lights in one headlamp is cool.


On Sun, Mar 28, 2010 at 10:08 PM, giniajim <jplynch at crosslink.net> wrote:

>  Anyone have experience with the Princeton Tec Remix Headlamp (here's the
> REI URL: http://www.rei.com/product/804211).  Options for the close-up
> mode light are white, red or green.  I've heard of the red option but never
> green.  Anyone ever use a green camp light?
> Thnx!
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