[at-l] Smokies in May

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Sun May 2 18:50:51 CDT 2010

It will be mid-May when I get there.

Starting next weekend at Winding Stair Gap and heading North.

If something doesn't blow up again; if my feet don't fall off; if (fill in the dang-blanged blank) doesn't happen.

Stress over-load. I are the poster boy.

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Given the variable weather this year, I'd check the forecast right before I left. Tonight it's going to be in the 50s up high, but a few days ago it was below freezing. I'd most likely take my light down vest as well as what you have listed.


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30F bag, lightweight(#2) base layer top and bottom, heavy base(#4) top, Precip jacket and pants, wind and liner gloves. Good enough?
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