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Carla & Dave Hicks carla_dave_hicks at verizon.net
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I sewed a stuff sack to fit.  When packing up, I filled the void in the center 
of the rolled cone with my tent stakes inside my spare pair of socks and bear 
bag cord.

Not as crush proof as wind screen that's rolls up around the fuel bottle, but 
no wasted space and I imagined that it helped with the likelihood of crushing.

Packed/carried that sack inside at the top of the pack.


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I get the impression that they roll up sort of tight.  The wind screen that I 
use with my tin can stove rolls up around the fuel bottle, so its pretty 
compact and crush proof..

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  Due to health problems I haven't been out for quite a while.

  However, I did use one on a number of week long trips.

  It work well.  Great in a wind.  Reduced my fuel consumption vs. a soda can
  stove by nearly 50%.

  I was a bit concerned about crushing it in a pack but it never happened.


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  Anyone have any experience with this?  Does it pack well so you don't have 
  worry about it crushing in a pack?


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