[at-l] Yosemite in june

Victor Hoyt vnhoyt at gmail.com
Fri Nov 12 16:47:57 CST 2010

On Nov 7, 2010, at 1:28 PM, TrailR at aol.com wrote:

> If you had 4 days to visit Yosemite in June, what parts would you list as "Must See/ must do". Parameters... Gimpy leg, no long hikes... Must be coffee & Good beer near by.... ;-)

Since you have four days, you've got time for one or two other places. Sequoia/Kings Canyon is right next door. If you've never seen one of the immense trees, you really need to. I won't get all tree-hugger misty eyed (though I could), but they really are awesome things. Also, if you have time to venture to the east side, you could try to see the Bristlecones.

There are tons of short, and not-too-steep trails everywhere.

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