[at-l] My shoulder surgery is scheduled...

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My dad was 60 +/- when he had his throwing shoulder "cleaned out" and his 
rotator cuff repaired (not arthroscopically).  I'd say he was back playing 
ball in 6 months and 100% a couple of months after that.  It kinda ticks me 
off because I *didn't* have rotator cuff tear and I STILL have issues with 
my shoulder.  One of these days I'll get it checked out again.  It's been 12 
years since my surgery for impingement.  Pa Wench is still playing ball a 
couple of days a week and tournaments once a month and the shoulder is 
excellent.  His non-throwing shoulder hurts now, but he'll probably wait a 
bit to have that one checked out. After all, it doesn't affect his 
ball-playing much.  ;-)

What is the reason for the padded brace?  Most I know just had a sling, and 
PT started a few days after surgery.  You will do just fine, and be back to 
"normal" in no time!


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Some of you have asked me to let you know the date.  Others
will be hearing about this for the first time.  Surgery (out patient,
arthroscopic) to repair a torn rotator cuff muscle and 'clean up'
some spurs and other problems in my right shoulder is now
scheduled for Tuesday morning Sept. 28.   I believe I'll be in a
padded brace for at least four weeks after that.  Therapy to
re-strengthen the shoulder/arm starts after healing--I think at
least 8 weeks.  Probably won't regain strong usage until the
middle of next year.  :-((   Anyone with any experience with
this feel free to chime in.

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