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Mark Hudson mvhudson at gmail.com
Sun Sep 12 18:37:00 CDT 2010

or I should say, been back. Been remiss in dropping a note to the list...

While I can only honestly recommend the Kekekabic and Border Route Trails to
people that love a route finding challenge (Jim and Ginny? <g>),
or those with a masochistic streak (me???), I could honestly recommend the
Superior Hiking Trail to anyone... (especially anyone looking for their
first long hike). The amount of work they put in on that trail is just
amazing! They side cut the virtually the whole trail, and if your come to a
little streamlet and there's not a bridge, that just means it washed out and
they haven't built a new one yet.

I've posted a few pics to Facebook.... and started transcribing my

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