[at-l] Broken wing repaired [aka: worms have wings???]

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So what was the original problem?  I've had "frozen shoulder"; it's no fun!  But easily fixed with a competent orthopedist (non-invasive procedure but under full anesthesia however).  
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  Oops!  Yesterday afternoon i was trying to remember all the people/groups
  I needed to contact after surgery and I think I forgot WomenHikers and the
  AT-L.  Sorry, folks.

  I am just fine.  There were no problems with the procedure itself, though
  when the surgeon got inside, he did find an additional problem--frozen
  shoulder (and he also wrote "early synovitis" after that but Googling hasn't
  shown me that the two terms are synonymous,so I'm going to have to
  question the Dr. on this).  I had a nerve block (in addition to Versaid and
  general anesthesia) so was totally numb from fingertips up arm and around
  to back of shoulder for 24 hrs after surgery at 8:45 am yesterday--so no
  pain at all during that time, and I slept well last night.  Now I'm taking
  "Dr. House" pills (Vicodin) so only feel minor discomfort. 

  The worst part is having only one hand and it's not even my 'good' hand,
  at that.  So using eating utensils is not easy.  And keyboarding with one
  hand is painfully slow. 

  The other 'worst part' is having a bulky sling/padding in the way, and
  having to sleep on my back in a half sitting up position, which makes
  my back hurt.  I have to wear the sling for four weeks, and will not be
  able to drive 'til it's off.  Come to think of it, maybe THAT is actually
  the 'worst' thing.  :-( 

  Questions? or already TMI?  :-)

  ~~ eArThworm

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