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>From my earlier post....

Yeah, Miss J is on the trail herself right now.  I got to spend the day with her 
and a bunch of hiker trash in Franklin, NC at the Bash yesterday.  It was so 
good to see everyone!!!  I waddled around taking pictures.  And, my belly was 
rubbed and blessed by countless hikers seeking good fortune/luck for their hike. 
 (Which it was a little weird at first, but then it just became silleh!  LOL)

Janet is taking her time and enjoying the trail.  Before leaving for the Bash 
she was at Neel's Gap.  She's doing about 5 miles per day, but then again she's 
stopping to talk to everyone... doing trail magic... giving out advice... 
helping people out.  And, then there are the times she just about can't hike for 
folks wanting to help her out, too!  LOL  She's been on 6 days and had 6 zero 
days, and she's having one heck of a fun time with it!

There have been a few who have been negative about her pace out there, but then 
again they are likely just jealous that they didn't have the hike that she is 
having.  As everyone that knows her knows... it isn't just about the trail out 
there or how many miles are made in a day... to her it is the people and their 
stories that are the draw.  She has this insatiable curiosity about people and 
what makes them tick the way they do.  How many of us have sat at breakfast when 
she had her hostel and answered some of her infamous questions?  LOL  I was 
there many times....(...and I surely miss that!  :(   )

And, she's unknowingly giving people the opportunity to return some of the magic 
that she bestowed on them... pay back some of the memories she helped to 
create...give that helping hand that she once was.  Soooo many people and lives 
that she has touched over the years....  I think that when someone helps us in a 
profound way then we do feel the need to help them out in turn.  

Fabian has never looked so happy!  Take a look at this picture and tell me that 
this is not the picture of a happy hiker dog! 
 http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150504885790078&set=a.10150504871335078.654087.647155077&theater  He's
 finally getting his chance at a thru.  Miss J is making that happen.
 Tenacious Tanasi 
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