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Thnx.  There was  a cut-and-paste error, when I said "air mattress and air 
mattress..".  I don't normally sleep on two air mattresses (but might be 
worth a try).  I meant "air mattress and sleeping bag".
Now to Linda's input.  No, you're right, I didn't rule out an SUV.  An SUV 
probably wouldn't make the cut due to the "usual attributes" which would 
include such things as initial cost and operating cost.  But there may be 
new SUVs that might make the grade... dunno...  open to any and all 
suggestions and thanks for yours!

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>> I'm starting to look for a "new" car....I'd like one with fold-down
>> seats that I could stretch out, put down an air mattress...and
>> sleep in....
> I do that in my Toyota 4-Runner, if you're willing to consider an
> SUV, which you didn't specifically rule out.
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