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Mon Jan 3 19:12:13 CST 2011

I wonder if it's safe for me to drive? Or use power tools? Or run with sharp objects?  Back in September when I finally decided to hike this year I was able to contain me for several months. Just before Christmas I caved, my plan was to go public at the Ruck about my hike but when my little granddaughter could keep quiet no more, she let it slip that she got me new poles. Well, if she can be that excited, why can't I? I have developed the OCD stage of Springer Fever. 

There isn't much I can do right now except plan and think and plan some more. Says Mrs Hopeful, "Why are you planning? Don't you remember all this from '03?" Wet blanket.  I do remember but it's like I have to do something trail related. So, I started counting how may trail journals there are this time. It seems there aren't near so many as last year. About 80 compared to about 450 is what I count. We "about" doesn't actually pass as a "count." Hmmm, maybe I'm ADD too. Where is Orange Bug when you need him? 

Well, I suppose this post has to have some purpose so I'll try to recover by asking if anybody ever noticed some correlation between the number of nobos and the number of Trailjournals.  Hopeful 

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