[at-l] Earl Shaffer's hike questioned

Mark Hudson mvhudson at gmail.com
Sun Jul 3 17:57:33 CDT 2011

Many good questions. One that looms for me is that was there even a
definitive definition for "purist" in '48? If no one has done it before how
do you define it?
I think the whole "purist" argument is, to put it politely, BS. 20-20
hindsight applied after the fact...
I'd love to see a discussion between the author of this "documentation" and
the guy that argued for the 'Boy Scout Troop' thru-hike... it might be a
hoot, but I suspect I'd need a airsickness bag :-)


<<Is there even a definitive definition for the Appalachian Trail as it
existed in 1948?>>
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