[at-l] Rangeley ME Hostel is CLOSED

hetchhetchyman at aol.com hetchhetchyman at aol.com
Thu Jun 9 15:02:25 CDT 2011

 The Gull Pond Lodge in Rangeley Maine is closed indefinitely. Sobo hikers confirmed the place is empty. 
Phone calls are not answered to number 207-864-5563. Locals in Rangeley say Gull Pond is gone.
I am not sure what is happening with maildrops since neither I or other hikers can reach the owner.
The cheapest alternative I found was a "special" deal at the Town and Lake motel for $65 weekdays if 
they are not too busy. Rangeley Inn offers a 20% discount to AT hikers.. regular rates are $99 per night.
Hey, at least the soft serve ice cream at Frosty's shack is delicious! Anyhow, just passing on the word in 
case hikers are expecting to stay cheap in Rangeley. The next hostel is in Stratten 33 miles north. 
The Village Scrub Board laundry in Rangeley is hiker friendly and a great place to maybe get a hitch back
to the trail.. no guarantee.


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