[at-l] Cascade Brook Trail, AT in the Whites

RockDancer rockdancer97 at comcast.net
Tue May 3 09:55:28 CDT 2011

I found this short item today that relates to trail conditions in the
Whites. I "fondly" remember this spot from my AT hike in '97. --RockDancer


A look at White Mountain Bridges, etc. by Rob Burbank

Streams swollen from spring runoff can pose a threat to a hiker's attempt to
ford them, and they can also threaten bridges built to negate the need to
wade to the other side. Such was the case with the Cascade Brook Bridge,
which was reduced to rubble by rising waters in recent weeks.

Built in 2005 by AMC, the 50-foot fiberglass composite truss bridge crossed
the brook on the Cascade Brook Trail (also a section of the Appalachian
Trail), about a mile and a half from the Whitehouse Trail in Franconia

A safety warning on the White Mountain Guide Online site at
www.wmgonline.org says alternate routes should be considered, as the
crossing is difficult and dangerous in high water. When a replacement may be
built is unknown.

(The link doesn't work but there are several places to see White Mountain
conditions. There is a terrific consolidator site that assembles the
postings at http://trailsnh.com/. You can also see info about the Catskills
and the Adirondacks.)

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