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Mark Hudson mvhudson at gmail.com
Tue May 17 17:19:59 CDT 2011

<<Last night I hiked a country Natural Lands area that I've hiked probably
100 times before. They're preparing the property for some prescribed burns.
In preparation, they've totally relocated some of the trails I know by
heart. In other parts what was a hiker-wide trail is now the width of two
passes with a bulldozer. Though I didn't get lost (poor blazing), I felt
completely disoriented. Do the rest of you get disoriented when a familiar
trail is relocated? Baffled Joan>>

Actually had the "reverse experience" about a month ago. Was doing a weekend
hike in Ct with some friends, and being ahead of schedule we decided to
sidetrack into Kent Ct (for lunch and, um, some "liquid refreshments") via
the Painted Rock Trail. Very lightly used at the top (ie, no footbed), very
old and far apart blazes. Some interesting route finding for the trail being
but a half mile long and all you have to do is hit the road at the bottom.
Somewhere in the scrambling around, I think when we hit the overlook, the
lightbulb suddenly went off... "This was the AT 19 years ago!!!"  :-)

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