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Jan Lite liteshoe at gmail.com
Tue Nov 29 09:53:58 CST 2011

Hi all,
Happy to provide a little hiking chatter. On a Foothills post-turkey hike
of the Foothills Trail. Been flushed out of the hills with flash flood
warnings and dumping rain. Drying out gear and eating too much. The 2-4-2
performed admirably, as did the WM Versalite bag. But Clyde's vestibule
collapsed during the night, funneling water and drenching the inside of his
tent and bag, and there was so much rain Frank's tarp space flooded at one
end. Having hiked in this area last spring and getting trapped by rivulets
turning into raging fords, now with wet snow in the forecast, all things
considered, it seemed best judgement to head to town for a pause.
After not hiking for a while, I have to say how good it feels to put on a
pack and walk in the woods (well, walk in the woods anyway). This is a
pretty little trail and an under-known gem. So far, can highly reccomend
it. Hiking with Thee Clyde, Frank Looper and Krewzer '00, have lots of
laughs and good conversation. Except for smearing yogurt accidentally all
over my tent while packing up in the launchpad campsite (thus providing a
tasty tent treatment for bears), it's been blissfully uneventful. Tink the
trail dog has providing laughs and bear-free campsites.
Leaves are all down, stunning ravines and bluffside views, good campsites,
plentiful water. This is a fine time of year to hike when the weather
holds. Weather looking to improve on Weds. - just dayhiking today. Not in
much rush to do anything. Turning into a fine vacation. Would like to hike
this trail again.
Ms. Shoe

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