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Well, I'm hearing about the Gathering second hand.  Weather was beautiful.  Jon enjoyed Skurka's presentation very much.  
The work hike was mostly hauling materials uphill.

Jon, too, thought that the campsite was excellent.

He was also delighted that ALDHA members got in free to the new Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art.  He declared the Museum to be incredible.  He's still up there, planning to ride his bike up Mt. Greylock and on a rails to trails trail nearby, as well as checking out the Clark Art Institute and the Williams College Art Museum.

I'm just sorry I'm stuck at my desk in Orlando.  Two years, three months, and 20 days till retirement....


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Got back last evening, 2 of the hikers from this year need to get to Logan
irport early Wed morning - Little Bird and Rolling Stone. Short summary of
he weekend:
0 new members created for ALDHA
errific camping spot, sunrise over Mt. Greylock
bout 400 attending
kurka seems like a nicer person for having done the Alaska trip
iving AT completion certificates is a hit - about 25 members of class 2011
ltralight hiking workshop was outstanding
ricks and Bookworm are a couple! 
rivia game had 2 - $100 prizes donated - gift certificates to REI - nice
ncentive gift, but tough questions.
"Which shelter is the last, heading northbound, that has the water source
low into the Gulf of Mexico?"
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I'm walking. That's not Gathering, but it *is* walking. About a hour at a
hot. Beautiful sunlight this past weekend (very Concord College), beautiful
oonlight last night (very.... moony).
I've *thought* about hiking so much, recently. I feel I'm going nuts. (Yes,
 said "going.") It feels like the other end of Re-Entry. (Both of those --
he longing and the returning -- are very Gather-ish, eh?)
I am thinking about Christmas -- I will probably miss a hike again, which
ucks in its own right, but then too, where would I go? I so enjoyed heading
rom Fontana down to Springer for New Year's Eve a few years back, but could
 do it again? Even the faint company I had (2000 milers heading in) was
un, but that would be lost on a "new" alternative. Hmmmm.
No, no Gather here...
sloW toe
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> Didn't *anyone* go to the Gathering???  It WAS this past weekend, 
 n'est pas???  Where are the reports?  Inquiring minds want to know.  
 ...and so does mine.
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