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Mark Hudson mvhudson at gmail.com
Tue Oct 11 10:48:56 CDT 2011

I'll not repeat things since I'm too tired to think straight yet...
Ice on the tent Friday morning...
Missed the port-potty truck sinking in the field (soft ground from Irene and
Tow truck getting porta-potty truck also sank.
Third truck pulled the other two out by winch.

Owner of the beautiful camping property just finished his Triple Crown
(Eric... can't remember his last name, very nice guy)
Campus was a little fun to get around due to construction, but we dealt with
North Adams is already looking like a go for as a future Gathering site  :-)

Larry Luxenburg is the newest Honorary Life Member...

Why do my short stops at the campfire turn into 1am bedtimes? Fell asleep at
8 o'clock last night...

Saw lots of old friends and some new ones too!

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