[at-l] Enola man attempts to shatter Appalachian Trail record

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Mon Oct 24 11:36:18 CDT 2011

My old buddy Chief sent me this:
"Delve a little deeper into Huffman's motivation and the 5-foot-8-inch,
160-pound Navy veteran will tell you he wants to heal a heart that's right
now in smithereens while resurrecting some self-respect.

He had a job as a maintenance technician. But he and a former employer
recently parted ways due to irreconcilable differences.

He was on the cusp of getting married. But he and his fiancee broke up two
months ago.

The way he saw it, he could allow himself to plummet into a pit of despair
or he could set his sights on a tangible - albeit Herculean - goal.

"I felt like my life was crumbling around me," Huffman said. "I almost
picture myself like Forrest Gump when he just starts running and doesn't
stop. I'm not me anymore. I lost my motivation, I lost my push."

Huffman said that instead of brushing aside failure and forging on, as he's
done in the past, for the first time, he began soaking it in and believing
that if he failed, he was a failure.

Going for the AT speed record is a way of getting that "push" back, of
"starting [himself] from the ground up" again. He might finish his college
degree in legal studies or become an outdoors adventure guide when he gets
off the trail."

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Read more:

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