[at-l] Trail conditions in NH

Art Cloutman Art at crystalacresnh.com
Wed Sep 7 14:35:14 CDT 2011

Yesterday, 9/6/11, I took a ride up to Franconia Notch are to do some 
field editing for the "Companion".  I stopped at Chet's to find out 
if he knew why his place had been dropped from the 2011 publication. 
He said "It was listed as a Hostel" - he does not consider his 
services as a hostel and he was getting too much business even in 
Winter well beyond long distance hiker season.  I headed from there 
to Kinsman Notch with two SOBO's heading back to the trail Scrambl'n 
Man and Tumbleweed (a young woman).  They were packing pretty light 
and having a great time.  After a stop at "Lost River" I headed back 
to Lincoln to check on trail conditions from the White Mountain 
Nation Forest Information Center.  The trail is open in the Whites 
but route 302 through Crawford Notch is closed to all traffic. 
Therefore, resupply will be difficult in that area.  Some hikers have 
been able to hike North (west wrspto the trail) past the blocked road 
about 3 miles and then hitch to Gorham and others have hiked equal 
distance South (east) past barriers about 5 miles and then hitch into 
Bartlett for resupply.  I checked in several businesses offering 
hiker services then headed to Glencliff where I discovered Miss Janet 
had left two days before.  I gathered some update information there. 
Then Drove 6 NOBOS into Warren to pick up some supplies and returned 
them to Hikers Welcome Hostel.  I was disappointed to discover the 
laundrymat were I met up with Felix and Pilot last summer was closed 
because the woman who owned the business had passed away and her 
husband was not interested in running the business.  I had a great 
day hang'n with trail folks.  I will be going back to finish up 
through Grafton Notch in the next few days.  I know I am late but 
this year I have a little bit of an excuse  - Irene!

Life is Good!!!
Art Cloutman

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