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Mark Hudson mvhudson at gmail.com
Mon Sep 12 18:43:14 CDT 2011

Missed you by a day Mike...
On Friday we parked at the Guilder Pond/Mt Everett Rd trailhead (by the way,
the road is gated at the bottom, and washed out. Passable by foot but closed
to vehicles).
We hiked down to the Mt Washington SF Headquarters, and up the Alander Trail
to spend the night in the cabin on Alander Mt. The footbridge on that trail
is out (as in GONE), but the stream is fordable, one can even rock-hop with
care. Saturday we hiked from the cabin south to the Mt Frissel (sp?) Trail,
over to East Rd (sign at the trailhead said the road was closed north of
there), and down the Bear Mt Road. We were heading for Riga when we stopped
for lunch at Brassie Brook, and found out from some dayhikers that Riga was
occupied, so spent the rest of the day at BB. Sunday we hiked over Bear,
down Sages (spectacular), noted the campsite bridge out, and managed to rock
hop the AT crossing. Then we headed north over Race and Everett, and back
down the road to the car. Awesome weekend for a hike!
(and we passed no really notable blowdown...)

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