[at-l] It ain't the AT, but it is Mt Wash

Black Wolfe blackwolfe at charter.net
Wed Apr 11 21:10:54 CDT 2012

I have summited Mt Washington twice.  Once as a passenger in a car and once
on my own two feet.  I'd go back in a heartbeat in the summer.

Black Wolfe
Bruce W.


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From: "Cody Girl"

> http://www.chicagotribune.com/travel/sc-trav-0403-mount-washington-20120403,0,231093.story
> I got a kick out of this.  The trials and travels of tackling Mt
> Washington
> on the auto road.  The writer's last comment is "Next time I'm walking!".
> I agree wholeheartedly!
> And Now, for something completely different ...
> I thought you might enjoy another perspective.
> Cody

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