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True, there is no stack at Springer but stuff has been left!


On my southbound section hike I carried a piece of Katahdin. (This was to
balance the mass I had displaced by carrying a piece of Springer
northbound). I placed it under the ledge that contains the metal drawer with
register book. Also tucked in around the edges, some about 1 foot in, were
some crystals & at least one painted stone. So there isn't a large number
but some of us have left things. Of course the stones can be collected away
much more easily than at the Katahdin summit. Just walk a mile on flat
terrain from FR42. -RD


You can see one of the painted stones in this picture, taken late June,
2007. Anyone know "WLMB" from 2004??



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I think there may be enough rocks at Katahdin's top..according to the
pictures I've seen..though not in person, only made it half-way up to the
beautiful bowl.   
But there is no rock collection/stack at Springer..I've been there several
times, though not in several recent years. 



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