[at-l] Smoky back country fees

Tom Fort tom at tjfort.net
Fri Feb 17 16:37:20 CST 2012

  I thought it had something to do with the original legislation in NC 
& TN granting the land to the park.   That it was stipulated in the 
grants no entrance fees could be charged.  And, would require acts from 
the two states to change that mandate.   ???


Quoting hiker 317 :

       I thought that the $5M that the Rockefeller family chipped in 
for the Park had a stipulation attached regarding no entrance fees in 
the future, so, does that mean that the Rockefeller Foundation would 
have to sign-off on any entrance fee proposal, or would the chain of 
"...promises to keep, and miles to go..." before we weep have a more 
convoluted path. I would imagine that if there is a fee charged for 
backcountry travel, the Occupy GSMNP folks will have much nicer 
tents/gear than the Occupy (wherever) folks... 

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