[at-l] Quantifying love (was Wind Chill)

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This immediately reminded me of "Well, I'd give Byron a 42, but I can't dance to it."

But at least for wind chill, we've got cooling fins on air-cooled engines, and articles of clothing called "Windbreakers", and pamphlets from the utility companies reminding us that leaky windows and door jams cost us money. (Which is to say, there *is* real science behind "wind chill" -- it's just that it's not so-well explained, and comes off as dumb.)


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I remembered someone has been trying to quantify love using brain scans so I googled and found all sorts of attempts from brain scans to changes in neurochemistry.

Regardless of these attempts, I still agree with you.  Even if love is eventually quantifiable, it's still likely a waste of time.  Ugh, can you imagine a society where your love has to be quantified before getting a marriage license?  I suppose it could cut down on green card fraud but for the rest of us, can you say "big brother is watching?"

Now, trying to make this AT related and failing miserably...  So, back to your regularly scheduled programming...
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This whole business is trying to compare objective data with subjective

sensation, a waste of time similar to quantifying love.

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