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I was gonna write a well thought out, insightful response to this.  Then I thought you know what?  You voted for Owebama.  You get what ya vote for.  Occupy a voting booth...... 

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Ridiculous. First the government reduces/threatens our individual freedoms and then it seeks to reduce our mountain FREEdom. Where was the ATC and ALDHA on this? How about the NPS AT Park office? All I can say is: catch me if you can. 

If anyone would like to be in a high-profile, principled, non-violent, group action concerning this, I'm willing to organize something like this around 2013 National Trails Day. If a band of Cherokees could hike out from forced removal by government troops, surely 200-300 unregistered, unpaid backpackers organized to occupy the park for a few days could create a national stir on this all-important mountainFREEdom issue. 

For the FREEdom of the hills, 

Warren Doyle 
Founder/Co-Director - Appalachian Folk School 
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