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About 90° counterclockwise around to the east -- you're looking NW up the Chimney Pond end of the Katahdin massif, from, I think, Katahdin Lake. (If you look at Katahdin Lake, you can see the two pseudo-islands in the view's distance, but there are no New England Outdoor Center resources visible. Hmmmm.)

Sew, like, Abol Bridge is like 7 o'clock, and NEOC is like (Dude) 4 o'clock. (Your clock may vary. Check local listings for your area. Not responsible for ice-out accidents. Always boat with a float. Past performance is no guarantee of future predictions.)

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Guess I thought this was from Abol bridge. Same angle?
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      A river.
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          so, it is a lake!




    No, that's a lake. And, it IS beautiful!    


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