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I remember hearing about that.  I participated in the HATT event in (I think) 2000.  HATT is Hands Across The Trail.  I met a couple of hikers at Simmons Gap in SNP; I think their trail name was Photon, brothers if I recall.  They went north, I went south to Rockfish Gap.  Nice weekend!  Still have the fleece jacket with the patch and wear it all the time!  

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I was scrounging for a warm shirt this morning and pulled out a purple long sleeve with a yellow Backpacker magazine logo.  Does anyone remember the AOL/Backpacker tag team hike of the AT back in the 1990's?  Each participant got the shirt.

I can't remember the exact year, nor do I remember my exact 50 miles, but it was in Virginia.  I hiked with another woman, and took the packet containing a banner and a few other hike-related items from Chase Davidson; can't remember who I handed it off to.  Guy Brooks (MtnTopper) was the section coordinator.  Is anyone out there a participant of that hike?

Other than a couple of one or two nighters in the Shenandoah I was just getting started in backpacking and learned a lot on that 50 miles, and met some wonderful people who continued to help me learn the basics.



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