[at-l] OT java scare

Doug Mathews mathews at uga.edu
Tue Jan 15 09:47:23 CST 2013

Here are the steps the Digital  Goddess, Kim Kommando recommends. I did 
it, just small pain and not a lot of time to do. Here is the link:
Click here to learn how to update Java to the latest version and change 
its settings to keep your system safe. >> 

The version that is "fixed" is Version 7 Update 10

On 1/15/2013 9:40 AM, RockDancer wrote:
> (Feel free to respond to me privately.)
> The java scare was mentioned again this morning on NPR. Some of you on 
> the list are quite expert about computer things so I wanted to check 
> with you:
> 1. This only affects users with Java 7.0?
> 2. Any idea how an infection will show itself? I have a pretty 
> hygienic computer system but I'm now plagued by at least 5 emails a 
> day that penetrate and are captured by Microsoft Outlook. It's been 
> going on for about 6 weeks. The sudden onset concerns me and I may 
> have to take steps. Anyone know if the timing is right for this java 
> problem to be the root cause?
> 3. I know that infections can be used to do more than steer crap email 
> to our machines. They might make my machine act as an unseen host of 
> attacks onto others & other malicious stuff. No one in the news has 
> reported about how to correct for the consequences of the java problem.
> Thanks -- Arthur
> Arthur D. Gaudet
> RockDancer on the Appalachian Trail
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