[at-l] Nikwax down wash and Proof

Tom McGinnis sloetoe at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 17 11:14:07 CST 2013

We votin'? I vote "both" too.
I mean, it's called a gear *closet*, not a gear rack.

--- On Thu, 1/17/13, Leslie Booher <lbooher at charter.net> wrote:

has anyone used this lately? is it worth the money? I have a 10 y/o down 
jacket that has lost its loft, etc. :-( And, a few feathers as well. This jacket has lots of wear and tear. I can buy a new one for $80 (on sale), or spend $20 in an attempt to restore this one. Ideas? Comments? 

Do both.  You'll have one to wear 
out in the yard to shovel snow (but aren't you from MS?) or whatever, then 
you'll have one to take on big hikes.  a'bear
Humankind (be both)

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