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Yes, I had Morton's Neurons and the surgery in April '10.  I did a 60 mile hike in September and felt great.  I hiked about 380 miles in 2011.   The numbness started out like a tingly feeling but now I just don't feel anything in those two toes..  I don't see a problem.  My doctor said the biggest issue would be that if I stepped on something and injured myself right there, I might not know it unless I saw the injury.

Not having the pain there is worth it.

Good luck to you.  Feel free to contact me directly if you want more information.

-Old Crow-

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"Morton's Neuroma...  it's not in my head."   So says my podiatrist after looking at my MRI results.
So, after spending the last couple of months mostly off my feet, trying non-surgical approaches to no avail, I'm now faced with surgery that has a 90% success rate that will leave two of my toes permanently numb.  For what it's worth, my podiatrist has a 27-year, 100% success rate.

As much as permanent numbness will be disconcerting, getting rid of the pain will be worth it but I don't know if there are any unforeseen problems I might have as a hiker.

Does anyone have experience dealing with this?
Thanks so much,
MaraStitches, AT99
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