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Sun Oct 20 12:29:34 CDT 2013

I saw this on the cdt-l, and thought I'd cross-post....

About Risk -- Jeep Gaskin

...49, 3 kids, all of whom climb. in fact we're going sunday. I'm going to
die and so are you. so are my kids. in the perfect world I'll die before
they do, but there aren't any guarantees. so I prepare them for life the
best way I know how, doing the things that prepared me to massage my
mother's feet and tell her not to be scared, that it was her time to go.
and that made it possible to kiss my dad one last time and tell him I loved
him, and walk away. if you have depth to your soul and insights into life's
lessons and you didn't get them from risk then congratulations but I can't
relate. climbing can be deltoids or it can be zen; it can be runout or
short safe falls; it can be skies filled with lightning or crisp air ahead
of mare's tails. It is never standing in a grocery line.

Spatior, ergo sum.

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