[at-l] 35 years ago..........

sloetoe at yahoo.com sloetoe at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 8 10:24:33 CDT 2014

Strange day....
I remember, back in 1999, new to the at-l and the AT cyber-community... thinking "
Wow! 20 years ago, today, I started the AT."
I seemed so young in my mind's eye.
Mara and I, in the Smokys for Thanksgiving, meeting finishing SOBOs -- Mara being a newly-minted NOBO 2000-miler.
And me realizing, right as we climbed up Shuckstack and meeting the first of the many that we would meet that week,
"Wow-wwww. You were a newborn when I was hiking..."

And now, it's 15 years later!


Now, even 1999 seems soooooo far away.

Going hiking this weekend. HOPE to put some serious miles in, but no camping, so I'm limited somewhat. And the terrain will be tough. 
Having not really been "out" in the past few years, I can't expect to just whip out massive miles like I used to.....

We'll see what happens.

Happy Anniversary, all!

Spatior, ergo sum.

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