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AHHH! takes me back to 1996 and sitting on his porch in HS chatting and  
listening to his philosophy. Quite an interesting and intense fella. Many  
detractors and many admirers not too many in the middle. The Handbook always  
helpful. Still have several.
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His  website says he lives in "a small suburban community" near Atlanta and 
"non-fiction Christian books focusing on sacred chronology and  
interpretation of prophecy."
~~ ew

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Cool, EW. Thanks for the link. I always wondered what he  was doing. Does 
he still live in Hot Springs?

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wow, I was always an  admirer of WF, glad he’s got some stuff going.  I’ll 
look forward to his  book!   

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Speaking of WF,  y'all are not going to believe what I just found!
Please  put your coffee, or other beverage, down before you click on 
~~ eArThworm
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Holy cow- glad I wasn't drinking anything at the time this came  through.
That's an interesting beginning to 2015! :-)

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> Too much traffic on this list for me. One more email and I will  ask WF 
to unsubscribe me.
> Steve   


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