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Ryan K. Brooks ryan at hack.net
Sun May 8 21:12:31 CDT 2016

Yeah, mailing list delivery really sucks these days.  The biggest 
problem is people tagging us as spam instead of unsubbing.

I am about to move the server into a different ip range, with the hopes 
the the reputation there is better.


On 5/8/16 6:46 PM, Felix J wrote:
> On 5/8/2016 7:42 PM, Mr Michael Henderson wrote:
>> I'm still here as well, but like Mara, don't get many posts.
>> Anyway, thought this might be a good time to let everyone know that 
>> I'm moving to Vietnam in June, heading up the Osprey office over 
>> there.  I've hosted a few of you in SW Colorado, and would be glad to 
>> do the same for anyone in SE Asia.  Just drop me a line.
>> Maybe no-one will see this message...
> I already didn't see it...
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