[cdt-l] Feb Start in NM

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Fri Aug 11 21:17:57 CDT 2006

In 2002, we started the CDT at Antelope Wells on Feb 14.  (valentine's day)  
We were attempting a triple crown in one year and had a support vehicle.    
Your problems may be: the Gila  (2002 it was very snowbound but we were 
prepared and had Gps's, knew how to use them, and were able to print out 
detailed maps with gridlines every few days.     Also, Mt. Taylor was very 
difficult going down the north side.  we had a night out in there that we 
weren't prepared for.
We had a few days around 0 degrees (in the mornings)   Don't think of New 
Mexico as being a hot or warm climate.   The elevation makes it cold.
Of course anything can be done.    but it won't be easy.   Make sure you are 
prepared for snow travel.   (we didn't use snowshoes, but the navigation 
skills were so important)
You can read  our  logs here:   Reading back over them just now, brings back 
lots of memories.   The wind is another factor.   We had 50 mph winds a few 
times and one day we didn't hike and found out later that the winds reached 
100 mph on tops of the mtns. we would've been travelling.   OK, you can send 
me a message direct if you like:  fiddleheadpa at hotmail.com
I really doubt you'll see any other foot travellers out there that time of 
year.   We saw some Texans hunting wild boar one day, that was about it.
The main thing is:  have fun.

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>Ok, I admit I know little about the CDT in NM.  thought I would be doing
>this years from now, but I"m looking at a window of opportunity coming in
>Feb- around the 11th or 12th- to start hiking nobo in NM.  Where would be
>the best place to begin at that time of year for 2 or 3 weeks?  Is the Gila
>too snow bound that time of year?  Are streams impassable?
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