[cdt-l] Feb Start in NM

Doug Carlson doug-sue at usol.com
Fri Aug 11 22:30:47 CDT 2006

Sounds exciting.  would starting a week later make much difference?
Day temps didn't stay in the single degrees did they?  I could pack my down
jacket.  Could melt snow for water?

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> In 2002, we started the CDT at Antelope Wells on Feb 14.  (valentine's
> We were attempting a triple crown in one year and had a support vehicle.
> Your problems may be: the Gila  (2002 it was very snowbound but we were
> prepared and had Gps's, knew how to use them, and were able to print out
> detailed maps with gridlines every few days.     Also, Mt. Taylor was very
> difficult going down the north side.  we had a night out in there that we
> weren't prepared for.
> We had a few days around 0 degrees (in the mornings)   Don't think of New
> Mexico as being a hot or warm climate.   The elevation makes it cold.
> Of course anything can be done.    but it won't be easy.   Make sure you
> prepared for snow travel.   (we didn't use snowshoes, but the navigation
> skills were so important)
> You can read  our  logs here:   Reading back over them just now, brings
> lots of memories.   The wind is another factor.   We had 50 mph winds a
> times and one day we didn't hike and found out later that the winds
> 100 mph on tops of the mtns. we would've been travelling.   OK, you can
> me a message direct if you like:  fiddleheadpa at hotmail.com
> I really doubt you'll see any other foot travellers out there that time of
> year.   We saw some Texans hunting wild boar one day, that was about it.
> The main thing is:  have fun.
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> >Ok, I admit I know little about the CDT in NM.  thought I would be doing
> >this years from now, but I"m looking at a window of opportunity coming in
> >Feb- around the 11th or 12th- to start hiking nobo in NM.  Where would be
> >the best place to begin at that time of year for 2 or 3 weeks?  Is the
> >too snow bound that time of year?  Are streams impassable?
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